Wilderness hike hiccup! 

Wilderness hike & canoe, Victoria bay braii at Surfari to now stay at Impangele in Swellendam, to join the Railton foundation in giving a helping had to the local township communitys.


I’ve been waking up to rolling Wilderness every morning for the last 10 days , the sun pounding in while I sit and stare at the ocean. Coming to Surfari and Vic Bay was the best thing to start this trip even though so far from the plan.

Travellers to me are the most interesting, one wants to share their stories of ups and downs, interactions and sites. We thrive off of the adventures and crave to experience them too.

The Garden Route has so much to offer, Wilderness being only a small section. We did a small hike today to a waterfall. Canoed to the start of the trail, the wind wasn’t our friend with every bend it turned to hit us head on.

The scenery was amazing with reeds blowing making a whistling song and mountains lining our route. We parked our canoe (at the wrong “beach”…. this was the start of why we should of turned back) I fell into the water trying to get out whilst being yanked into the beach and then the squishy squeaky hike began!

 The trail was awesome winding up and down and round the forest. We climbed across over rocks to the other side which then turned into broad walk, cleverly carved through the forest so ducking under the trees it had been shaped round was part of the fun. Soon into this bundles of monkeys ran in front of us to hide, then baboons started grunting, every time we moved they all moved and what seemed like more kept on joining them! Clapping and shouting we tried to carry on but they now all sat and stared… after the baboon breaking into the kitchen the previous morning we decided to turn back.

So we never did make that waterfall!!! But a good effort of a funny canoe ride, awesome trail and a pulley back across the water to our canoe! A nice adventure done!

Tomorrow I leave here to head to Swellendam, a beautiful town half way back to Cape Town. I’m heading there to help with the Railton foundation (http://www.railtonfoundation.co.za/ ) as well as other things they have a gym which is a safe space, and caters for all types of people young old and all colours. They want me to go and help with classes from boxing to yoga to general activities as well as a blog for the charity.

I arrive in two days to a big party for the community to say farewell to the summer then kick off Easter break with the kids… I’m so excited to get there and see what it brings!

For many days now I’ve wondered why I’m in South Africa, I’ve missed Hawaii so so much and be comparing and craving what I loved about it! Plus , it has been like a mini holiday which was as far from what I was expecting to happen. So hopefully this is the start of a brilliant ride and I can throw myself into this charity and hopefully pull off a few good classes for everyone! Ha!!!

Another braai last night and a stunning sunset leading to a sky of clear bright stars. Life ain’t so shabby when you take the time to look!!!

Song of this week has been, Follow the sun by Xavier Rudd!

Have a follow- https://www.facebook.com/railtonfoundation.co.za/

Victoria Bay, exactly where I’m meant to be!

Victoria bay surf spot to wilderness bay along an old railway track, finding a hippy cave embellished with creativity for the homeless along the hike!

So Plans don’t quite go the way at you have expected, it seems that way for me. They seem though to work out for he better. The way they were obviously ment to but with out my control.

I’m staying in Victoria bay which is incredibly stunning. An amaizng hostel which is more like a home I would dream of living in. I can see the ocean not so far away and the wilderness in front, I can hear only birds, then the occasional freak out from the dogs who are chasing the Baboons away! The baboons are super cheeky, trying to come into the kitchens and pinch food, and that they did two days ago, thankful only some bread and caused more commotion than harm.

Surfari hostel is just too cool, it feels like home already, its rustic architecture, calm vibe and insane views just make me never want to leave.


Today I set off on a walk along the old railway, old wooden sleepers leading you around the cliff edges from Vic bay to Wilderness, through tunnels and across an old slightly suspicious bridge. I only wished to be on the old train, how stunning a ride back in the day.

After the bridge we hit some structures along the edge of the track to the right and to the left some caves. I had heard here was a “hippy cave” but never imagined what I would actually experience.

This cave was  a home, it was an art gallery, it was a place of peace for the homeless and a working project for the last 10years for the founder.


I was blown away, Stunned, amazed and totally shocked at the effort and love that had gone into what was simply a cave along a railway track.

10 years ago a man had a message from God to find a bridge, he went off with his bible to find this bridge, the first few were not right and finally he came across the bridge with the cave, this was the one in his message. It was previously a restaurant but he made the cave his home, for many years the railway and council fought with him for rights but now it is his, his and the homeless people he gives a home to.

Shirley (below) a lovely lady living in the cave had been living on the streets since coming out of an abusive relationship with a heroin addict. After seriously failed stomach surgery she was taken into the cave. She said she feels like “queen if sheeba in my room” and it’s the first place she feels she has family, happiness and is grateful everyday.

So this is not only a home though, it’s a community, a family, a room, a place to be themselves!

This place is the most eccentric, elaborate and intense environment I have ever been in! We went inside all around the most decorated, detailed, dark maze, so many shells hanging from high up, so many religious artefacts and so many trinkets and collectibles that seem to have been washed up by the sea below.

We left and carried on through the bridge which opened up to the most awesome view of Wilderness, the waves rolling in, in strong lines as far as I could see. Totally breathtaking!

On the way back we saw a rock pool down below, so made our way to the most idilic private pool I’ve been in! The climb up was less desirable but I made it! The walk back to Vic bay was just as breathtaking, especially when you came around the corner to the stunning bay and most beautiful beach setting.


I feel very lucky to be here and to be experiencing this Amazing place in such decadent way. This journey is far from how I thought it would be, I’m clean not dusty, I’m flying more solo then surrounded by a community, the beach break doesn’t draw me like the reef break does, I’m doing things for me than others. I know this is about to change and I’m excited. I do know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be though, and what is more perfect than that!!!


Plans Change!

A stunning bus ride from Gordon’s Bay to Vic Bay on the Cityliner. Uber disaster, Checkers blessing and hoping the surf awaits me along with a hot shower!

Ha! So throw me a few curves balls why don’t you universe!

Took the plunge to leave and do the work remotely instead of doing it in dust land. A few personal issues were causing tension and without the extra volunteers nothing was going to happen on the site itself. I am disappointed as my vision for the last few months has obviously been different to just sitting on a laptop.


I booked my bus ticket, 325r which is about 20 pounds for a 6 hour trip. I worked the day out until time to uber it across to bus station which was apparently 15 minutes up the road!

The car arrived and off i went but…When Your gut says something then bloody listen, this Bru had no idea where the hell he was going ,even from the sat nav and obviously I hadn’t a clue either…. I had left 40 minutes to get there but now in the car I knew I wouldn’t make it! 1hr 21 minutes  later and a crazy expensive uber ride I was back on site. We had ended up driving in a huge misshapen circle around, the end of the journey being a corrugated community where they were bbq’ing animals brains on the side of the road, huge groups hanging around and to be honest not a nice vibe. The fact also I had used up all my mobile airtime calling the bus company made it even more of an edgy situation, all the warning and stories I had been told about safety were now ringing through my head! Another night on site! I was so angry, furious and disappointed I didn’t even know what to say. First lesson in never to fully trust an Uber when it is very new in a country.


Kindly I got driven around (for about an hour) to a “Checkers” kind of like a post office in a supermarket, where someone was on my side and changed my ticket to this morning! With only a 10r difference! That was a result! Why did we drive not call or use the internet? Because that would be too easy for South Africa to adopt, old school way is the way here!

So back to the pod I finished all my peanut butter, re made my pod and went to bed spending the night bashing mosquitos with my trainer and surrounded by my bags that I moved in with me as the dogs were going crazy and I thought if someone gets in then seeing how the day had gone I was better to be safe than sorry!

I luckily got dropped at the bus stop and had company thankfully until I got on it correctly, and am now on it excited to see the countryside and get to my next destination Victoria Bay!


And wow what a trip!!!!! Out of Gordon’s bay up the mountains and a beautiful country side exists behind the wall of mountains encapsulating the Cape! Im Heading to George which is east along the coast line between Gordon’s bay and Port Elizabeth. It went from windy mountain range to incredibly vast beige land that just went on and on as far as I could see. Some horses and cows along the way but more scrub land than farmed.


Ever so often we would come across a little town, Swellendam was so pretty and a teacher from my old high school has a beautiful b&b there and is heavily involved with the children in the community which is an amazing synchronicity in what I think I’m here for, its far from the beach but the community looks lovely but behind that it is incredibly in need of role models and support for the children!

As we hit town I see the ocean for miles, finally surf, waves for days. Also again a mass of corrugated iron hut communities, then industrial buildings and then lovely homes, the contrast is insane in this country!


The longer the journey goes on the more I become intrigued as to where this journey is actually going to take me! So many options and exciting projects around, it feels a little out of my hands as to where I will end up but I think this may be the beauty and the personal challenge of my adventure! This country has so many places and reasons one can help and make a differnce, i really hope i find the place i am ment to help!

Nearly there can’t wait to see what greets me this time! A warm shower I hope! That it did get along with the most spectacular grounds and views I could of imagined! Sometimes the decisions you don’t want to take can be the best.