Victoria Bay, exactly where I’m meant to be!

Victoria bay surf spot to wilderness bay along an old railway track, finding a hippy cave embellished with creativity for the homeless along the hike!


So Plans don’t quite go the way at you have expected, it seems that way for me. They seem though to work out for he better. The way they were obviously ment to but with out my control.

I’m staying in Victoria bay which is incredibly stunning. An amaizng hostel which is more like a home I would dream of living in. I can see the ocean not so far away and the wilderness in front, I can hear only birds, then the occasional freak out from the dogs who are chasing the Baboons away! The baboons are super cheeky, trying to come into the kitchens and pinch food, and that they did two days ago, thankful only some bread and caused more commotion than harm.

Surfari hostel is just too cool, it feels like home already, its rustic architecture, calm vibe and insane views just make me never want to leave.


Today I set off on a walk along the old railway, old wooden sleepers leading you around the cliff edges from Vic bay to Wilderness, through tunnels and across an old slightly suspicious bridge. I only wished to be on the old train, how stunning a ride back in the day.

After the bridge we hit some structures along the edge of the track to the right and to the left some caves. I had heard here was a “hippy cave” but never imagined what I would actually experience.

This cave was  a home, it was an art gallery, it was a place of peace for the homeless and a working project for the last 10years for the founder.


I was blown away, Stunned, amazed and totally shocked at the effort and love that had gone into what was simply a cave along a railway track.

10 years ago a man had a message from God to find a bridge, he went off with his bible to find this bridge, the first few were not right and finally he came across the bridge with the cave, this was the one in his message. It was previously a restaurant but he made the cave his home, for many years the railway and council fought with him for rights but now it is his, his and the homeless people he gives a home to.

Shirley (below) a lovely lady living in the cave had been living on the streets since coming out of an abusive relationship with a heroin addict. After seriously failed stomach surgery she was taken into the cave. She said she feels like “queen if sheeba in my room” and it’s the first place she feels she has family, happiness and is grateful everyday.

So this is not only a home though, it’s a community, a family, a room, a place to be themselves!

This place is the most eccentric, elaborate and intense environment I have ever been in! We went inside all around the most decorated, detailed, dark maze, so many shells hanging from high up, so many religious artefacts and so many trinkets and collectibles that seem to have been washed up by the sea below.

We left and carried on through the bridge which opened up to the most awesome view of Wilderness, the waves rolling in, in strong lines as far as I could see. Totally breathtaking!

On the way back we saw a rock pool down below, so made our way to the most idilic private pool I’ve been in! The climb up was less desirable but I made it! The walk back to Vic bay was just as breathtaking, especially when you came around the corner to the stunning bay and most beautiful beach setting.


I feel very lucky to be here and to be experiencing this Amazing place in such decadent way. This journey is far from how I thought it would be, I’m clean not dusty, I’m flying more solo then surrounded by a community, the beach break doesn’t draw me like the reef break does, I’m doing things for me than others. I know this is about to change and I’m excited. I do know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be though, and what is more perfect than that!!!


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