Take me home

Take me home.I dreamt so big. 
Having little in my possession was perfect. 

Now so much around me is making the walls close in.

No one said coming back would be so hard.

I never knew I would change and they would be the same.
Take me home. 

Where the wind blows strong. 

I didn’t expect such simple pleasures to fill me so full.

What once ticked boxes now seems so bland.

All that I thought I wanted is a distance desire.

Give everything away and just be so minimal forever. 
With a full heart and free spirit.

Please take me home. 
No one said no plan would be so satisfying.

Embracing today’s new moon and then a brand new sun.

Trust that new things are coming my way .

I feel like I’m dreaming and it’s better than when I sleep. 
I wanna go home. Where is home. Home is me. 

Follow the sun. Keep breathing in. Cherish this air and in this moment be free. 



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