Awake so early . 

Today my heart hurts. 
I have a week left. 
I don’t want this to end. 
Hold onto me big island. Don’t let me go. 
I was unsteady now I’m grounded. 
I was lost in faux. Now its all real. 
I was alive but hardly living. 

I like my feet getting cut up from walking over volcanic rock to get into the ocean.

To have my kona cold brew all day long.

I like a dirty truck from off roading and the seat wet from surfing in a bikini.

I want to pick the Wax melted into the truck bed.

To see a Turtle popping up when your paddling into the waves. Or a whale in the distance breaching! 

To go to sleep early to wake up early for the moonset. 

To drive a little way and see multi terrains and hike off the beaten track to find that waterfall! 

To do yoga while the sunsets and shavasana below the coconut tree that may just drop one if the wind picks up. 

I love not wearing makeup and my hair salty all day. 
To wear one layer only and to be barefoot. 

To smell buds in the air, so sweet!

I love pidgeon, it makes me smile! 

To eat poke bowls doesn’t get any better!  

I love waiting for a green flash and if not just the sky to light up so pretty, perfect endings everyday.
I love the Aloha on this Island. 

I love that it feels like home. 

I love that I love so many and feel their love. 

I love ocean. 

I love the sunshine. 

I love the big island. 

I will miss you. But I have a sneaky feeling I will be back! 🙏💙🌊


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