Came afriad 

I came afraid of something I now crave.Afraid of its power and how unknown it flows.

The most untouched and unexplored vast mass on our earth. 

Even though it’s dangerous and foreign territory for me, it’s now clear that it can turn a low moment around in a single  wave. 
It makes me know everything is going to be all right.

It give me Belief, if gives me grounding, it gives me love, it gives me trust. 

It forever reminds me that everything is going to be exactly as it should be. And to trust that nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. 

The gracefulness that wild animals show me make it clear we as humans have lost it. But it shows me we can again have this. 

Underneath its surface there is proof, just needing to be treated with grace and dignity. 

We need to treat ourselves with the same respect. 

I’m thankful for it being my safe place. I’m grateful I have a safe place. 

I have a place of peace and solitude and a place that’s home wherever I maybe.

I have it to surround me when I’m weak and pound me into reality when I loose touch of myself. 

I have it to fire energy and wisdom into me always.

I am eternally thankful to the ocean for letting me fall in love with it. 
Always trying to get that spiritual moment of perfection, it’s letting me have it, live it, in moments I’m detached from the physical world.

If I have lived then it is easier to die , than if I live in a body afraid to do as I dream. 

Making memories now l, as when I go then I’m not going alone.

‘A sea wave is like all other waves,An energy.

From an energy source it starts with the sun. Bakes down and makes us hot and that cold.Makes that powerful giant star over thousands of square miles . 

So in a way that little wave has in it some of the wisdom of nature of the universe and then you catch it’

Doc Paskowitz 1956