Dream on…

“Dream on hayley Don’t look down there’s nothing here for you to see”

On the plane from Sydney to Melbourne to have Christmas with my god sister, my family! We are both far from home so we can connect and celebrate together as celebrations separate from our “dudwell” parties are never full celebrations. 

I’m then returning to Hawaii, I can’t wait, it’s calling me back! And the whales should be coming so I better get my paddling arms back for mornings chasing them. My next chapter is totally a blank canvas and I have no plan. No accommodation, car blah blah blah! Learning the art of loosing control at its fullest! It’s been a full on three months of getting to know many people, the island and myself so we will see what happens now! 

Australia was the last place on this wondrous earth that I wanted to come back to, I didn’t like the place because the memories were tough! But because of the encouragement of two precious people I returned, And it was the best decision! It’s been an amazing week back where I once lived and I saw the beauty of the northern beaches like I had never seen. It all slipped past me. It’s crazy how moment to moment, year to year you see things differently and your experiences are so different to the ones you hold in your memories.

It’s been a full on trip catching up with everyone I shared years with but haven’t seen for at least 8! It’s been amazing and I truly have friends I consider family. I’m exhausted though, this last week I’ve cemented more life lessons that I could of even imagined!

Reflecting back…14 years ago I came to Australia to find myself, I lost myself more that I ever imagined. 10 years exactly to date I returned to the uk And 2 years ago I found myself again and I’m now on my unbelievable adventure, it’s like a dream! 

It’s been a hell of a ride, I’ve carried a lot of weight inside about certain things and this whole trip has allowed me to get to a place i feel free and the negatives I carried can be seen now as positives and empathy. The northern beaches are pretty bloody beautiful! 

Hawaii is still for me at the moment, there’s a lot to see and experience! And until that voice inside says “I’m done” then I’m staying! 
…………………..I’m now on the flight leaving Melbourne, it’s been the most amazing few days and the reality has kicked in now, I’ve seen the friends I have chosen as my family, I’ve been spoilt rotten in a number of ways, mostly love! And now this next chapter truly starts! I have about 22hrs of travel before I hit Kona again. No plan, no structure, super tight budget, one solid friend on the island…. the rest is a mystery and i can’t even imagine where this ride will take me! Practice patience and peace (see the peace sign below that I flew over just before landing!)

Dream, pray, ask and hope to receive! 
“Dream on hayley

Your just about there don’t give up so easily 

Dream on hayley 

If you Don’t feel love then dreaming is the way to go

Dream on, you gotta Keep dreaming on! 

Some people trust people too much, sometimes that’s you

Shouldn’t be a bad thing, it’s more than i could do 

So much disappointment over the years, Willing to love completely but it always ends in tears. Your not Mad, not so mad… to me! 

Dream on hayley! 

‘James Morrison’