When I’m 33…

When I’m 33…. Three is my number. It always has been. 33 has been a marker for something in my life. I don’t know what but for me it is like having a big birthday with a zero involved. 

I might say it’s going to be my year! But I also want to say it’s the next chapter for me. My life has been incredibly colourful, Ive been truly blessed but I have had many a down time or challenge. Now the page has turned and a new chapter has started, there is no plan, no timeline, the story will just unfold…. 

I will embrace this next chapter, and park the past as amazing life lessons. 
I will carry on eating peanut butter and bananas the way I do, who cares, suck it up people watching me , one life live it! 

I won’t timeline my life away, life is happening all the time and it will continue to do this with out control. 

I will do what I feel is right and not what I think others want me to do. 

I will smile at a stranger everyday. 

I will continue to slice the icing off cake and the fondant off cupcakes! 

I will smile when I’m feeling mardy and play a song too loud whilst singing badly.

I will moisturise and put cream around my eyes. 

I will read the books I’ve started.

I promise I won’t worry about what others think. 

But I will always act with integrity, kindness, grace and love. 

I won’t should on myself. 

I will love myself for who I am and not try to be something different, I am enough!  

I will touch the ground everyday, wherever I am and whatever is going on!


I will exercise in some form everyday. 

I will exercise for my body’s health not for the aesthetic! 

I will see a new country or more each year! 

I will learn to meditate, try! 

I will practice doing a headstand in yoga and not be scared, I can only fall! 

I won’t be such an open book. But I will be open for the right People to read, it’s a pretty good read for the right people! 

I will say YES unless I have a great reason not to! Say no to nothing! 

I will spoil my niece, rotten!my angel face! 

I will show love to my family more everyday and to the people I choose to be my family! 

I will breath before I talk in confrontation. 

I will swear and not apologise, because I like it! 

Daily I will remember that reality is merely an illusion. 

I will put my phone on airplane mode at night,everything can wait!
I won’t apologise for my fussy food habits! I will date but not from online dating. 

And won’t settle, being single is pretty bloody great too!

I will go and get another tattoo…my papa was right you don’t stop at one! 

I will take time for me, real time. 

I PROMISE TO TRUST MY GUT! It’s always right even with small things, like my waterproof phone case will leak today! 

I will do all the things that scar me (like swimming with manta rays tonight)!!!!

I’m excited. 
I’m happy. 

I’m back. 


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