So late to bed the Saturday of iron man… I can’t get out of bed on Sunday , totally exhausted so I just rest. 

That afternoon though I went to massage my new friend who is also taking me as his plus one to the athlete awards banquet! I did have an invite to the volunteers one but VIP to athletes seemed too good to say no to! 

The night was amazing, front circle listening to the most moving, powerful and mind blowing stories. Late teens to 80+ year old pushing their bodies and minds in a way I could only imagine! I met the male winner (below) repeat titles and so cool and calm-but every athlete is a finisher, all winners!!!

The week to follow was a let down. Emotionally it went from high to low in an instant. Adrenaline filled connections that suddenly had reality to contend with. If I was feeling like this I assure you the athlete I was now spending time with was feeling it in everyway, body and soul! And I imagine every other one was too! 
Something changed in me after iron man, it was a huge shift in me being here and what I want going forward. 

I withdrew from certain connections that weren’t complimenting my ethos and Come November I have decided to step away the circle I am in and see where the wind blows me, if these men and woman can do what they do I can do whatever the universe throws my way too! 

Romantically too I have had my eyes opened to a connection that has taught me to never settle again, I have always! And even though this particular situation isn’t right at the moment I know the feeling I’ve been looking for now and I know i can have it! 
To finish this roller coaster week of huge realisations and shifts, I finally headed to the lava flow in the north of the island!

The Lava flowing down into the ocean, the most incredible natural experience. We cycled a four mile rocky trail to then walk over solid once flowing lava to the edge of a cliff to watch this display, a bright red waterfall into the ocean. 

Last night also happened to be the night of the full “supermoon” all the ups and downs are let go and the moon represents the next stage for us all! 

So I’m there, the lava flowing and a huge bright full moon shining down! The place was alive, I laid on the solid lava and just felt a rush. You can’t describe going to the lava unless someone has been. 

It’s simply the most incredible feeling of energy and life! The flow of life is happening and like the ocean the power of the world, nature and the universe all around and out of our control! Life is still happening in a place that seems so desolate. 

It was simply amazing! 

Today I feel clearer. It will all be ok. Whatever I am meant to do, whoever I will meet, whoever I will love, it’s all planned and the “flow” is happening! It is all going according to plan! Seize the moment and not the timeline. 


One thought on “Flow…. 

  1. Beautiful soul, swim in the deepest of water of calm, frustration, connection,fear and love they are all the same without judgement, thay are what we make them to be.💖I have just recently come to understand this myself 💖so much love and kindness to you 💖from Charlotte the Danishlotus xxx


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