The last few weeks in Kona have been a complete whirlwind of emotions and experiences.Iron man world championships came to town and 10000 athletes, families, supporters and fans flooded in! 

The island takes on a whole new buzz, a new energy and everything gets busier. The journeys take longer, there is no parking and the water was busy. 

Every morning for the last week or so I have been out paddling the iron man swim route. There would be groups and singles all practising their swim and often stopping as the dolphins came to play. It was awesome and made the mornings so alive. 

The few days leading up became more intense, the roads were full of training athletes as were the yoga classes and ocean. 

On the Friday it was volunteer registration. 5000 people volunteer to help, some first time like me, some who fly in from around the world and who have done this for many many years. I now see why! 

So I got my entry pass, my t shirt and a few more bits. 

I was ready! Already I felt pumped, it was buzzing! I love any sporting event but when your behind the scenes and a real part of it you instantly feel part of something greater than yourself! 

Saturday morning comes and obviously I couldn’t find any British regalia, so I purchased some red, white and blue nail polish and covered my arms and legs with GB and bridging markings! I was ready for what was going to be a very long day! 

Bring it on! 

2.4 mile swim, 112mild bike, 26.2mile is the most intense conditions. It was the biggest honor and most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I admire, respect and wholeheartedly applause all the athletes that raced kona but also that race iron man!  

For me this was the finale of my massage career. And I was blessed to have client such as my first, Cyril Viennot, a pro athlete from France.

 He finished 18th in the Ironman which is one of the most premier races in the world… he was sorely disappointed in his time! He missed the $140K award, but he earned $80K instead! Pathetic money for the dedication, commitment and expense they put into their And one kick-ass heavy medal! I had many clients, the women’s winner being one, so humble that I didn’t even know until I bumped into her a few days later! 

My massage role chopped and changed between having people constantly coming onto my table to doing medical runs, people collapsing, not being able to breathe, or feel their extremities. Behind the scenes was a mix of electric and war zone. I had never felt so alive and a feeling of being exactly where I was meant! 

I met an incredible Brazilian athlete who I joined for the evening to watch the final finalist, they were coming in 17hrs after the start, crawling, staggering, collapsing but all so proud and the crowd just carrying them to the end! 

I left that night about 1.30am… I can honestly say it was the best day of my life! I would and will do it all again! 



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