Down and dirty

Getting down and dirty with nature is definitely on the top of my list of things to get involved in whilst Im away! 

Yes I know your all wanting sexy surfer dude news but as I’m sure I’ve already told you all this “big island” is more like a small village…they say that one doesn’t miss out on a girlfriend/boyfriend they miss out on a turn! Nice huh! So due to that fact I may or may not have become a nun… will divulge once I see fit! 

So my down and dirty starts with a hike. I hiked a scared valley called Pololu a few weeks ago which was awesome. The weather started super hot and sunny and then dark windy and ery into full blown rain on the way back up! Just Mother Nature matching the varied terrain with weather! 

Next was White road, it was longer and and tougher with some even more insane views. We even got so lucky that the VOG (volcanic smog basically) cleared and we could see the waterfalls from Waipio the valley across.

A group of four of us went. The other three vey experienced sailors but also adventure junkies so I knew I was on for a wicked ride as only about 20mins in did we go off the beaten track to a waterfall. 

Freezing water they all dived under it, I was a chicken and just walked across! But we did proceed to cover ourselves in mud and now I felt we were full steam ahead into hiking mode! 

Reaching a look out point across the valley, waterfalls rushing down the side and the ocean peeping through in the distance. We couldn’t of been given a better day! 


Our destination was a “slide” tucked away that was basically part of the water works. So with icey water up to our thighs in pitch black tunnels we walked hunched through these concrete tubes. Only a head torch for light it was pretty scary but so fun shouting and singing until we reached the light! 

Once in daylight again there was a steep concrete “slide” a rope up the side to get you to the top to then fire yourself into a 2metre or so deep pool of water! It was a complete rush to say the least and I’m so happy I didn’t chicken out this time but once was defo enough! (Get ready to laugh at the video) 

So to round it up it was my best day on the big island so far! It was fun, it was raw, it was real and I felt so liberated in so many ways! I’m so lucky to have met these new friends and I just know there will be more adventures like this! The only question is is whether I can keep up with them or not! 

Mahalo hawaii!!! 


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