When I’m 33…

When I’m 33…. Three is my number. It always has been. 33 has been a marker for something in my life. I don’t know what but for me it is like having a big birthday with a zero involved. 

I might say it’s going to be my year! But I also want to say it’s the next chapter for me. My life has been incredibly colourful, Ive been truly blessed but I have had many a down time or challenge. Now the page has turned and a new chapter has started, there is no plan, no timeline, the story will just unfold…. 

I will embrace this next chapter, and park the past as amazing life lessons. 
I will carry on eating peanut butter and bananas the way I do, who cares, suck it up people watching me , one life live it! 

I won’t timeline my life away, life is happening all the time and it will continue to do this with out control. 

I will do what I feel is right and not what I think others want me to do. 

I will smile at a stranger everyday. 

I will continue to slice the icing off cake and the fondant off cupcakes! 

I will smile when I’m feeling mardy and play a song too loud whilst singing badly.

I will moisturise and put cream around my eyes. 

I will read the books I’ve started.

I promise I won’t worry about what others think. 

But I will always act with integrity, kindness, grace and love. 

I won’t should on myself. 

I will love myself for who I am and not try to be something different, I am enough!  

I will touch the ground everyday, wherever I am and whatever is going on!


I will exercise in some form everyday. 

I will exercise for my body’s health not for the aesthetic! 

I will see a new country or more each year! 

I will learn to meditate, try! 

I will practice doing a headstand in yoga and not be scared, I can only fall! 

I won’t be such an open book. But I will be open for the right People to read, it’s a pretty good read for the right people! 

I will say YES unless I have a great reason not to! Say no to nothing! 

I will spoil my niece, rotten!my angel face! 

I will show love to my family more everyday and to the people I choose to be my family! 

I will breath before I talk in confrontation. 

I will swear and not apologise, because I like it! 

Daily I will remember that reality is merely an illusion. 

I will put my phone on airplane mode at night,everything can wait!
I won’t apologise for my fussy food habits! I will date but not from online dating. 

And won’t settle, being single is pretty bloody great too!

I will go and get another tattoo…my papa was right you don’t stop at one! 

I will take time for me, real time. 

I PROMISE TO TRUST MY GUT! It’s always right even with small things, like my waterproof phone case will leak today! 

I will do all the things that scar me (like swimming with manta rays tonight)!!!!

I’m excited. 
I’m happy. 

I’m back. 



So late to bed the Saturday of iron man… I can’t get out of bed on Sunday , totally exhausted so I just rest. 

That afternoon though I went to massage my new friend who is also taking me as his plus one to the athlete awards banquet! I did have an invite to the volunteers one but VIP to athletes seemed too good to say no to! 

The night was amazing, front circle listening to the most moving, powerful and mind blowing stories. Late teens to 80+ year old pushing their bodies and minds in a way I could only imagine! I met the male winner (below) repeat titles and so cool and calm-but every athlete is a finisher, all winners!!!

The week to follow was a let down. Emotionally it went from high to low in an instant. Adrenaline filled connections that suddenly had reality to contend with. If I was feeling like this I assure you the athlete I was now spending time with was feeling it in everyway, body and soul! And I imagine every other one was too! 
Something changed in me after iron man, it was a huge shift in me being here and what I want going forward. 

I withdrew from certain connections that weren’t complimenting my ethos and Come November I have decided to step away the circle I am in and see where the wind blows me, if these men and woman can do what they do I can do whatever the universe throws my way too! 

Romantically too I have had my eyes opened to a connection that has taught me to never settle again, I have always! And even though this particular situation isn’t right at the moment I know the feeling I’ve been looking for now and I know i can have it! 
To finish this roller coaster week of huge realisations and shifts, I finally headed to the lava flow in the north of the island!

The Lava flowing down into the ocean, the most incredible natural experience. We cycled a four mile rocky trail to then walk over solid once flowing lava to the edge of a cliff to watch this display, a bright red waterfall into the ocean. 

Last night also happened to be the night of the full “supermoon” all the ups and downs are let go and the moon represents the next stage for us all! 

So I’m there, the lava flowing and a huge bright full moon shining down! The place was alive, I laid on the solid lava and just felt a rush. You can’t describe going to the lava unless someone has been. 

It’s simply the most incredible feeling of energy and life! The flow of life is happening and like the ocean the power of the world, nature and the universe all around and out of our control! Life is still happening in a place that seems so desolate. 

It was simply amazing! 

Today I feel clearer. It will all be ok. Whatever I am meant to do, whoever I will meet, whoever I will love, it’s all planned and the “flow” is happening! It is all going according to plan! Seize the moment and not the timeline. 


The last few weeks in Kona have been a complete whirlwind of emotions and experiences.Iron man world championships came to town and 10000 athletes, families, supporters and fans flooded in! 

The island takes on a whole new buzz, a new energy and everything gets busier. The journeys take longer, there is no parking and the water was busy. 

Every morning for the last week or so I have been out paddling the iron man swim route. There would be groups and singles all practising their swim and often stopping as the dolphins came to play. It was awesome and made the mornings so alive. 

The few days leading up became more intense, the roads were full of training athletes as were the yoga classes and ocean. 

On the Friday it was volunteer registration. 5000 people volunteer to help, some first time like me, some who fly in from around the world and who have done this for many many years. I now see why! 

So I got my entry pass, my t shirt and a few more bits. 

I was ready! Already I felt pumped, it was buzzing! I love any sporting event but when your behind the scenes and a real part of it you instantly feel part of something greater than yourself! 

Saturday morning comes and obviously I couldn’t find any British regalia, so I purchased some red, white and blue nail polish and covered my arms and legs with GB and bridging markings! I was ready for what was going to be a very long day! 

Bring it on! 

2.4 mile swim, 112mild bike, 26.2mile is the most intense conditions. It was the biggest honor and most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I admire, respect and wholeheartedly applause all the athletes that raced kona but also that race iron man!  

For me this was the finale of my massage career. And I was blessed to have client such as my first, Cyril Viennot, a pro athlete from France.

 He finished 18th in the Ironman which is one of the most premier races in the world… he was sorely disappointed in his time! He missed the $140K award, but he earned $80K instead! Pathetic money for the dedication, commitment and expense they put into their And one kick-ass heavy medal! I had many clients, the women’s winner being one, so humble that I didn’t even know until I bumped into her a few days later! 

My massage role chopped and changed between having people constantly coming onto my table to doing medical runs, people collapsing, not being able to breathe, or feel their extremities. Behind the scenes was a mix of electric and war zone. I had never felt so alive and a feeling of being exactly where I was meant! 

I met an incredible Brazilian athlete who I joined for the evening to watch the final finalist, they were coming in 17hrs after the start, crawling, staggering, collapsing but all so proud and the crowd just carrying them to the end! 

I left that night about 1.30am… I can honestly say it was the best day of my life! I would and will do it all again! 


Down and dirty

Getting down and dirty with nature is definitely on the top of my list of things to get involved in whilst Im away! 

Yes I know your all wanting sexy surfer dude news but as I’m sure I’ve already told you all this “big island” is more like a small village…they say that one doesn’t miss out on a girlfriend/boyfriend they miss out on a turn! Nice huh! So due to that fact I may or may not have become a nun… will divulge once I see fit! 

So my down and dirty starts with a hike. I hiked a scared valley called Pololu a few weeks ago which was awesome. The weather started super hot and sunny and then dark windy and ery into full blown rain on the way back up! Just Mother Nature matching the varied terrain with weather! 

Next was White road, it was longer and and tougher with some even more insane views. We even got so lucky that the VOG (volcanic smog basically) cleared and we could see the waterfalls from Waipio the valley across.

A group of four of us went. The other three vey experienced sailors but also adventure junkies so I knew I was on for a wicked ride as only about 20mins in did we go off the beaten track to a waterfall. 

Freezing water they all dived under it, I was a chicken and just walked across! But we did proceed to cover ourselves in mud and now I felt we were full steam ahead into hiking mode! 

Reaching a look out point across the valley, waterfalls rushing down the side and the ocean peeping through in the distance. We couldn’t of been given a better day! 


Our destination was a “slide” tucked away that was basically part of the water works. So with icey water up to our thighs in pitch black tunnels we walked hunched through these concrete tubes. Only a head torch for light it was pretty scary but so fun shouting and singing until we reached the light! 

Once in daylight again there was a steep concrete “slide” a rope up the side to get you to the top to then fire yourself into a 2metre or so deep pool of water! It was a complete rush to say the least and I’m so happy I didn’t chicken out this time but once was defo enough! (Get ready to laugh at the video) 

So to round it up it was my best day on the big island so far! It was fun, it was raw, it was real and I felt so liberated in so many ways! I’m so lucky to have met these new friends and I just know there will be more adventures like this! The only question is is whether I can keep up with them or not! 

Mahalo hawaii!!!