I’m at a beach which I just rode down to on the back of my friends scooter, with a watermelon cocktail in my hand! Just thinking about the week gone by whilst watching the sun set over another Monday in Hawaii. 

My weekend just gone was the most brilliant I have had. It was exactly what I imagined my experience here would include but was starting to question if it actually would.

On the Friday I went SUP”ing and after not seeing any dolphins I made my way back in! On the way back two ladies asked me to join them so I did, we paddled a mile and a half chasing some tourist diving boats and landed ourselves in the middle of around 20 spinners, baby’s too! 

The other two were so comfortable diving off their boards and swimming with the pods but I found it incredibly scary and just stayed close to my board. Although exciting it was a new freaky kind of feeling for me. 

So…… the next day my new friend (and what a total blessing she is to me) invited me to a snorkelling beach with her and some friends. Little did we all realise at the time of the now full moon, all the dolphins come to this bay to play! And wow what a few hours we had, there must of been about 40 dolphins doing their thing, one even spinning up 15 times for us, others playing with leaves that people passed to them! It was totally insane! 

I can’t describe the feeling of having these beautiful creatures swimming with you, the squeaky chatter of them echoing around you, them gliding below you only to fling themselves into a spin above the water moments later. It’s mind blowing. 

I can’t say I wasn’t anxious and totally comfortable but my swimming strength and my nerves in the water are getting better with each encounter in the big blue and could see a difference from my first dolphin swim to this one, with only 24hrs apart! 

On reflection I can say It made me feel like I was living. 

I felt alive. I felt high on life. I felt peace. I felt calm with where I was in the moment. I felt that my decision was so so right to do this trip. 

I feel happy! And The days following only got better too!!!! 


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