Storm blew the vibe I wanted…

The ocean! Let’s talk about that! So the reason I’m here this place of all is to fall in love with the sea. It’s scares me. It’s such a huge power. A energy source that’s greater than anything we can ever imagine. So why not challenge my biggest fear.

Look out at it when your there and realise how little we have conquered of it! It’s there infront of us but instead we are pinging more humans to space to explore. More people have been to the moon than have gone deep into the ocean!

I have been in the water everyday even for just ten mins and Today was what I came for. It was a perfect day! 
My new buddy and I  SUP”d (stand up paddle boarding) and snorkelled for an hour or so! It was great, I didn’t think I could do it but I totally loved it. Just sitting in the middle of the sea on the board getting your snorkel kit on then checking out the coral and fish then hopping back on a paddling to another area! It’s only a few hours later and my arms and ass hurt already! Super fun and a work out… We have a goal now to do a crow pose on the SUP… It’s hard enough on the ground…and with a kid on your back let alone a board on the choppy sea!!! 

Came back to the beach shack which was pack with everyone prepping for a big race tomorrow. The energy was insane so buzzy!

Then went with another guy for poke, raw tuna marinated! AMAAAAZZZZING!!!! We cycled there on those old school high handle bar bikes, surf culture dream was being lapped up๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I then went to donation accupuncture! On the beach! (View below) You give what you can afford for treatment! Yoga is done the same way so it’s available to all! It’s brilliant!

The surf is up now after the storm… The vibe has changed and everyone is literally rushing to the beach, running up the roads with their boards on the heads just wanting to get out there! It’s so exciting! I drove and watched and then just drove around lapping up the atmosphere! 

The storm has defiantly bought the vibe I wanted to me!!! Loving life!!! So for now goodbye whilst I go for another dip! 

And yes I will be saying vibe, energy, totally etc etc and all that but with a full English accent too which seems to cause  everyone to take the mick! Try describing take the mick to someone who hasn’t heard that expression before…


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