Bifurcation station! 

A week passed since I left what I know. On the 7th day I felt like running home. Everything was so different, I had no routine, I couldn’t reach for my comfort blanket as the times are so different…

“Step out into the sun

Sky’s above me radiate me 

Lift up carry the love 

I’ve been out of my mind 

This slow life I’m waiting for you 

To swing me all of your life”

I took myself to an awesome coffee shop and just sat…. Then as I stood to go look at something so did a guy… The timing was exact so we both laughed. We talked for a bit! He asked permission to explain to me what he was feeling spiritually about where my life is! This place draws spiritual encounters and out going people daily!!!!

Your in you bifurcation stage. It may happen once to people maybe twice but even once is lucky. Bifurcation is in simple terms to divide into two parts.

He described it though as a white crystal that is neutral of colour but when a beam of light is aimed at it then all the colours of the rainbow appear and you can pick whichever colour, whichever level and line you want to take.
On other terms Yogi Berra, the baseball great who was always know for his quotes, is reported to have said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi’s advice might not offer much actual help when you actually are in a place of tough decision but at least we are reminded we have choices.

A road that bifurcates splits in two! 

It was awesome. I felt excited and now in control of myself now feeling I can embrace my huge “weather change” let everything be uncomfortable and trust that this feeling of lost is to enable me to find what I’m looking for! I have no idea what that is which as first freaked me out but now rather intrigues me, it has been an awesome adventure since that moment! And I have a cheeky feeling it’s not going to stop!!!!


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