Emotional rainbow

So I’m 5 days in. I’ve gone through a huge rainbow of emotions and I’m sure that will carry on. 

I drove into the sunset seaking out the beach chasing this crazy pink sky! It’s strange here, I’m used to wiggling down roads to get to a beach but it really isn’t like that here, if u don’t hit the right beach your off into territory where locals may not be quite so inviting! 

This week I drove about 70miles to south point which is the most southern place of the USA! 

The scenery changed from lush green to volcanic to kinda desert like. The weather changed as quick as the views did too, piercing sun to stormy clouds rolling in to sandy hot winds leaving my face burning once I got back into the AC! It was awesome and the ocean just didn’t stop, I’ve never looked out and seen how insanely vast it is. You are intimidated and attracted all in one hit! It totally scares me and it’s something I really need to overcome! Watching locals and their kids here makes you see how it is In their blood their soul, and so far from mine! I think it will be though, my goal is every day swim and just become comfortable! 

So the downside…I’ve not seen one hot guy! Totally serious, I genuinely may have to move islands to see the sexy surfers we all imagined! May have just about seen two but they are not from here…!!!! 

Agggggghhhhhhhh noooooooooooo!!!!! 

Even though this is the big island it defiantly has a small island mentality so apparently I’m like fresh meat here! Not sure how people have seen me and me not them….. May the mystery be unraveled! 

Apparently here the saying goes…you dont loose a girlfriend you just miss a turn… The travelling singleton it remains and proudly so although a little dissapointed in what I imagined would be beach candy EVERYWHERE !

 I have to say I’m falling in love with the island so to be honest I’m pretty stoked with that alone i travelled the other way today and it was awesome. The scenery is so amazing it looks like backs drops every time I drive around a corner! I drive the corner and I gasp, I drive the corner and I’m over whelmed. I did have a tour guide which may of been one of the fore mentioned  who isn’t a local…………….


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