Aloha Aloha 

First full day down and Hawaii certainly does what it says on the tin. 

The place is full of energy but more the kind of energy that you feel inside that connects you with everything around you. It’s incredibly spiritual and so are those that are here, Especially here on the big island. They say you are brought here, that you don’t decide, it simply chooses you! And I believe it. Each person I have met has a story of why they are here and the way their lives have gone since. It’s massively captivating and I can’t wait to here more. 

The area I’m staying is considered the most spiritual and scared on the island. Tonight I drove around the back roads as the sun was setting and all though as it became darker and darker and I was further and further out of my comfort zone I kinda felt OK, not scared just that it was ok. 

I’m laying here fan full blast, pitch black and the bugs are so loud, kinda annoying but nice at the same time. What wasn’t was a bloody cockroach landing on my head last night and just now again on my chest! I may tame him as my new friend. 

I am hoping to meet some friends soon, it feels amazing being here, I feel grounded and calm but at the same token I feel incredibly lost and lonely. The U.K. Is 11hrs in front so my usual FaceTimes and chat to my best friend from waking till bed aren’t happening and not being able to share feelings is pretty hard. 

On the plus side I’m setting up surf lessons ASAP and being introduced to a guy this week who apparently knows everyone…. Even Eddie Vedder!!!! I need to meet this guy even for an insight into Vedder!!! 

I’m going to go visit the lava tomorrow, it’s been flowing for 3 weeks and is still going! I may cycle as driving on the wrong side is fooking trippy, especially in the dark when you have a tiny skinny drive to spot… Yes I drove past it 3 times before finding it ! Doesnt when drinking a Kona coffee that is so strong it gives you the  shakes!!!!!!!!!!! Forget nespresso, Kona coffee is insane!!! 


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