Packing for how long!?!

So my penultimate night is drawing near and my bags need to be packed… I set out this morning thinking it would be rather simple doing the final trek to the storage garage, some final good byes and then the dreaded suitcase. But no!

It hit me that in this rather large but not wardrobe sized suitcase, everything I will be wearing, using and living in would be here in front of me! How the hell do I know what shoes I want to wear tonight let alone in a few months! 

But… My aim being to get a more simple and less materialistic life starts now I suppose. Ruthless In choices and options I was on my way to zipping up the bag! 

Nearly through my landlord turns up… With the new tenant and two kids! Half an hour later after the new tenant asking for new paint, new switches, oh the kid needed a poop-IN MY TOILET and directions on heating I nearly burst! In my head I was saying ” just all fuck off this is my space, my home, my bubble, I’m not gone yet so just get out and leave me for my last day!” Instead I just said I must get on and 20 more minutes later they left! 

My suitcase isn’t done… I’m in bed with netflixs and peanut butter it’s quiet and calm and nothing is on my walls, floors or infact anywhere. I have my bed and a suitcase surrounded by a mini explosion of my belongings! It can wait though i want to savour my little space for one last time! 
By the way have you heard of netflixs and chill….. For those of you not married get involved, I must say it’s rather fun!!! Especially when a cheeky bottle of red is involved….


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