Detox now retox 

So I sat at a beautiful meal with my parents and family friends. The topic of blogging came up… Social media seems to do two thing, we either spread the word that life is amazing or people are raw and just tell you how it is. One tries to please other people rather than to please ones self, and one tries to rose tint life and tries hide truth from people of pain, suffering, reality or even the things one thinks others may judge them on

I’ve decided that I want to write my blog, for no other reason than to express myself. I’m me, I’m crude, I’m rude, I swear, I’ve dated a lot, I love sex, I get depressed, I prefer to drink champagne and have a smaller meal than a big meal, I haven’t thought I’m good enough, I’ve tried to be someone different to please others, I love my mum so much I can’t explain, I would prefer to spend time with my family that superficial friend who don’t give a fuck!and I’ve also denied who I am thinking it would make people like me! So here goes, me me me!!!

So this week I had my first netflixs and chill… (Google urban dictionary if you want a definition) Well actually Netflix and red wine but that’s besides the point! I’m sure it really wasn’t the first as I’m sure many a time one starts a film and moments into it you start kissing, one thing leading to another until it’s over . But as far a a “date” goes this was a winner. 

It was great, it was honest, black and white, it was fun, he was young, maybe too young in some people’s eyes, it was real and raw and we stayed up all night! And for he first time in a year I felt connected to a man, I felt connected mentally and physically and I would do it all over again, and again and again!!! I always thought I wanted someone older but I’ve kind of changed my mind! And you know what, you can tell, you can tell from the moment you stand near someone and they put their arm around you if your going to make fire works or be just vanilla. Thanks to this night I’ve realised that it’s not worth wasting the moments with the ones that don’t make yourTummy feel funny and your giggle go a few octaves higher! 

I’ve been on a male detox and now I’m ready for a serious retox!!!! With an injection of being raw! Role on my raw retox! 


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