Dear Ida

Dear Ida 
Today is the 17th August 2016 and my heart broke when I said good bye to you for I don’t know how long. 
You have been the most amazing addition to my world and I can’t remember what it was like with out your angel face in it! 

You have changed something inside me and I’ve never felt love like I feel for you! 

You are going to have the most wonderful life, full of so many experiences and above all so much love from us all.

Just know that whatever happens everything will always be alright. Everything works out and for every fall there is a bigger celebration waiting. 

For every challenge there’s an amazing reward even if you can see it at the time. 

Trust your gut as it is always right. 

Follow your heart as your the only one who can be true to it. 

Know that everything you will ever need is inside you. You are amazing. You are Ida. 

I will love you forever and think of you always,however near or far i am. 

And when it’s your turn to go off my heart will break a little again but I’ll always be there waiting for you.

I love you

Lala xxx


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