Roll on the bubbles, the tears and the butterflies…

If I’m honest I never thought I would be in this situation… The one where I can truely say I’m happy and enjoying every moment I live. I thought I would drift along and just settle. But I am loving my life and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Yesterday I got to thank each person who has impacted me in a different way in my life. I could name everyone but won’t as I will bore you and you probably know who you are if your reading this and know how uve been there for me!

It was an amazing feeling watching people I care for all in one space yesterday , all smiling and interactive. So many different people in so many eclectic walks of life and all connecting in my childhood garden! 

As the sun set a crazy purple colour, a final group sat around the bonfire and I felt totally in love with them all! I love the way hey make me laugh until my eyes crinkle and maybe get the odd snort thrown in… Telling story’s and tales along with hopes and dreams! 

After the final two left my best friend and I ran up the lane to another party we could hear, we gatecrashed and danced the night away with kids half our age probably looking like granny’s on the dance floor, but hey one life live it!!!! 

Today my feet ache but my heart is happy! My flat only has a bed in it and I have bottles and bottles of champs to get through this week! Roll on the bubbles, the tears and the butterflies! 

Life is what you make it and now I’ve decided to really make it!!! To make it amazing, I have to trust my gut and take a jump into the whirlwind of the unknown!  


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