Hands down

I’ve woken up this morning a little confused, have I actually finished my business, did I actually hang my hand up last night?
I did I did! It was the most strange feeling closing the door for one last time on a clients. 

My last client happened to be one of my best friends which made it even more special. She left me with a very poignant gift…

 As I closed the door I had this huge out breath I had never experienced before like a weight was being pushed out of me and off my shoulders and I was free. 
I Facetimed my mum and she did a celebratory dance and said the wine was ready! 

Instead of stripping the couch to wash everything as normal I collected all the towels in a ball and threw them in a black back to throw! 

Now I lay here this morning I realise what a significant sign! Really throwing it all into the past!

I whizzed up to my parents and a big glass of my papas favourite chateau nef du pape was set out next to a huge bonfire already set up with seating for my Bon voyage! Mum, dad and I sat and chatted and I looked at these two amazing people, two people over the years I had taken for granted and misunderstood so very much but now all I see is beauty in them, compassion and complete love from them and too them. With out them backing all the chapters I have opened and closed across the years things would of been so much more tricky and also a lot harder. But with them every ending has been made into a spectacular start! 

Now the sun has woken me up super early on the first bloody day I could sleep all day if I wanted!!! So I’m up and pumped and off to set up for my party, the biggest thing I’ve hosted, I just hope everyone comes!!!!!!! Chin chin to fresh beginnings! 


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