The end of the beginning 

All that stands in my flat is the loyal massage table,alone in what was a cosy shabby chic clad treatment room. This has been my home from home and what I’ve know for years and now it’s empty. Two days of clients to go and final good byes, it feel strange, some I know I will always be connected to and others it’s been a lovely fleeting partnership that now has simply ended. 

I will miss the regular chats and putting the world to right. I knew my treatments were important but I think for some of us they are almost therapy like sessions of mulling through our lives ups and downs and ins and outs. For me this will be the most sad thing to part from.

I fell into Masaage by mistake after an injury myself then regular treatments after that! So organically it became my life and for nearly 13 years it has been my talent and my business. I’m not too sure whether after my break travelling I will want to continue but it’s an intuitive and innate skill within me I don’t ever loose. At this time it is comforting to know this.

This is the end of my new beginning!!! 


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