The 8 week turn around! 

So the feeling came back again, the I’m not ment to be to be here anymore. It happened 10 years ago whilst I was in Australia, my studies had come to a close i was unhappy in my relationship and I knew it was time. 

I had left 5years  before and Had promised myself I had no limit I would simply leave when “I had done my time” and I did. 
So now it was round two, on a beach in Barbados looking out at the ocean in all its power I realised that on my return to the uk I would soon be leaving to have a fresh experience once again. 

I returned from that trip and cried for four days just insisting to everyone I would be going. I was told I was chasing a dream that everyone wants to chase but never does. I think that put a little more challenge in my decision, putting more fire in my belly than was already there.

It’s now 2 months on and in two weeks in leaving for my travels. 

In the last two months I have gradually closed down my massage business of 10years, packed up my flat, sold half of my belongings, started helping a start up peanut butter company, booked flights and now start saying goodbye to my friends and family! 
Two weeks  to go! Let the emotions flow!!! 


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